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Student Life at Pepperdine

Student life at 国產aⅴa麻豆- 国產aⅴa麻豆University

国產aⅴa麻豆University is an environment that is as conducive to personal connection as it is to higher learning. Our diverse community of undergraduate and graduate students make the most of the 国產aⅴa麻豆experience by participating in student organizations, volunteer initiatives, spiritual opportunities, and campus activities unique to each of our five schools.

Explore Student Life

Student life at Seaver College - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Student Life at Seaver College

Learn about student life for undergraduate and graduate students at Seaver College for Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Our robust Malibu campus environment includes arts, athletics, and weekly convocation.

Student life at the Law School - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Caruso School of Law Student Experience

Get to know the close-knit community at Caruso School of Law on our Malibu campus, where mentorship is a key part of academic and student life.

Student life at GSBM - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Student Life at Graziadio Business School

Explore what student life is like for full- and part-time students at the Graziadio Business School. Small class sizes ensure a collaborative experience at our Malibu and satellite campuses.

Student life at GSEP - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

GSEP Student Resources

Access what matters most at Pepperdine's Graduate School of Education and Psychology, where student life is about connecting with others and succeeding in a career built on personal values.

Student life at SPP - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

School of Public Policy Student Life

Explore the tight-knit and inspired community at Pepperdine's School of Public Policy, where graduate students learn how to affect positive change in the world and in their own lives.

Students pray at the beach - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Spiritual Life at Pepperdine

From weekly convocation for undergraduates to academic institutes devoted to the intersection of faith and learning, 国產aⅴa麻豆welcomes people of all faith backgrounds to expand their faith and connect with a larger community.

A panoramic view of the main Malibu campus - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Campus Locations

Pepperdine's Malibu campus consistently ranks among the most beautiful campuses in the nation by the Princeton Review. We have four additional campuses throughout Southern California and six international campuses.

Members of the 国產aⅴa麻豆Ambassadors Council (PAC) - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

国產aⅴa麻豆Ambassadors Council

The 国產aⅴa麻豆Ambassadors Council (PAC) connects Seaver College students with the greater 国產aⅴa麻豆community and the surrounding Malibu area.