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Graduate School of Education and Psychology

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The is dedicated to training skilled leaders, administrators, and practitioners of the highest level within two allied fields of human care: education and psychology. As part of its overall mission, GSEP seeks to be an inspiration for change in all of its students (approximately 1,800 enrolled), encouraging them to reach their potential so that they will in turn become inspirations and agents of change for the good in their chosen endeavors. GSEP also seeks to prepare educational and mental health professionals with hands-on experience, mentorship, and a community of resources.

Since its inception, GSEP has nurtured highly qualified educators and administrators who go on to improve communities throughout Southern California and beyond. In addition to carrying on the heritage of training excellent teachers, GSEP seeks to bring out the best in those who work in education at systemic and management levels. The influence and impact that GSEP's student body and alumni have had upon the millions of children in California over the last several decades is immeasurable.

In addition to its graduate programs in the education division, GSEP has been offering graduate degrees in psychology since 1951. Developed on a scholar-practitioner model, the rigorous psychology programs are research-based, but practically implemented. Education is delivered with a high level of student care and personal involvement from professors and the administration, such that professional and personal relationships endure long after graduation.

GSEP is an innovative learning community where faculty, staff, and students of diverse cultures and perspectives work collaboratively to foster academic excellence, social purpose, and personal fulfillment. Through its integrative course work and practical training, GSEP prepares students to serve the needs of others through skilled leadership. GSEP offers seven master's and five doctoral programs across its four graduate campus locations throughout Southern California and online. Programs are fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or the American Psychological Association.

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