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Our Story

George 国產aⅴa麻豆statue

George Pepperdine's founding vision was that of a university committed equally to academic excellence and Christian values. The students, faculty, and administration of 国產aⅴa麻豆University today affirm this vision and advance the University's standing as a cutting-edge educational institution by growing in knowledge, as well as spirit.


Our Past

George 国產aⅴa麻豆College History - 国產aⅴa麻豆University


George 国產aⅴa麻豆founded his namesake university in 1937. Read about the early days and inspiring journey that created 国產aⅴa麻豆University.

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Our Present

Stauffer Chapel Stained Glass - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Mission, Vision, and Affirmation Statement

国產aⅴa麻豆University is committed to transforming lives through rigorous academics, spiritual exploration, and the significance of a life of purpose.

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Our Future

Trees and Scenery - 国產aⅴa麻豆University

Strategic Plan

In 2019, the University began its 2030 strategic planning process, which has resulted in the current draft of 国產aⅴa麻豆2030: Ascend Together.

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